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Joan Knox, Nurse Practitioner for the Women's Health Center at McGuire VAMC.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Women Veterans, have you made appointments for your routine screenings? If not, you may want to schedule an annual exam which includes several screenings.

One of those tests is a pap smear screen for cervical cancer, it takes less than five minutes and can save your life. Detecting cervical cancer at its earliest stages greatly improves survival rates and having regular pap smears can be lifesaving, said Joan Knox, RN,NP, Womens Health Center, Richmond VAMC. Other routine screenings include mammography for women forty and older.  The clinic also assesses for hypertension, osteoporosis and colorectal cancer.

Care providers at the Richmond VAMC strive to deliver quality care to both male and female Veterans. Offering comprehensive health care that spans the range of all women’s needs from mental health to primary care and gynecologic services, the health care system participates with national women’s health programs.

Need information? Call the Richmond VAMC Medical Center Women’s Clinic at 804-675-5382.