Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center - Richmond, VA

Richmond VA Medical Center Mobile Outreach Program

The Richmond VA Medical Center operates two Mobile Outreach Clinics to bring primary medical care and health education services to Veterans living in rural areas throughout central Virginia. Access to health services in rural and underserved areas create barriers to proper health. The goal of the outreach program is to bring services to Veterans in their local communities.

Mobile Outreach Video Program Overview (click here) 

Veterans should bring some form of identification and a copy of their DD-214.

Mobile Outreach Clinic-1 (MOC-1) uses a 40 foot mobile van which has two exam rooms for privacy and a staff of trained medical professionals. Veterans are scheduled for their initial examination and routine checkups. For more information, please call 804-675-6746.

MOC-1 Monthly Schedule                                        

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Mobile Outreach Clinic-2 (MOC-2) The Rural Health Initiative Team is committed to developing strong relationships within the community to better serve Veterans.  Using a 28-foot mobile unit to conduct intake examinations to new Veterans, the team provides VA benefit information, access to enrollment to VA healthcare and health education to Veterans in rural and highly rural areas.  In addition, you may see the mobile unit participating in outreach events such as  community fairs, festivals, Veteran Resource Fairs and other events aimed to support Veterans.  To promote healthy lifestyles, Health Education classes are offered in Diabetes, Weight Management and Hypertension.  If you are interested in one of our services, please call (804) 675-5000 ext. 3382.

MOC-2 Monthly Schedule

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January       February       March       April       May       June

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